Our Story Is All About
Helping You Tell Yours

Build Your Brand. Sell Your Solutions.

Let Us Tell Your Story For The Win


If you’re still using old-school methods to try to win present-day contracts, stop. Right now.

You’re wasting time and probably a whole lot of money.

Things have changed. The days of relying solely on a highly structured written proposal are gone. There is a rapidly accelerating trend toward oral and video proposals. Not just submitting your proposal, but presenting it with engaging visuals, examples, and technical demonstrations. Buyers want fewer words and a whole lot more action. They don’t want you just to tell them about your solutions, they want you to show them. They want to see who you are and to understand what you represent as a potential partner.

Buyers Want To Hear Your Story

Make no mistake: now is the time to change how you look at your business positioning and your strategic approach to business growth. The truth is that there is an increasing number of companies all vying for your customers and most of them say the same things in essentially the same way.

A clear, compelling story rises out of the noise. Our team has decades of experience in oral and visual communications, and in government and commercial acquisitions—from both sides of the table. We know what customers want to hear, and how to tell them.

Old methods won’t help you do that. They don’t pull your DNA into the equation to create the kind of story – YOUR story – that is compelling. We believe that model is past its prime in today’s dynamic and constantly evolving market dynamics.

At The Schiff Group we embrace one simple philosophy: that by changing the conversation we can change the outcome. We carefully examine your objectives from every angle and challenge convention.  We don’t settle for ordinary; we create the extraordinary.

We Don't Imitate.
We Innovate.

  • We change the way you build and represent your brand
  • We change the way your customers understand the power of your ideas
  • We change the way you perform and present
  • We change key processes to provide more time for creative work
  • We change the odds to be stacked in your favor over your competition