David "Schiffy" Schiff

Schiffy Is Fun, Insightful,
Creative, Driving And Unique, 
But Hardly Traditional

With more than 20 years of helping some of the country’s biggest companies achieve major success, Schiffy has earned his reputation as one of the nation's best orals proposal manager/coach/ producer/director, and marketing professionals. He provides a framework that doesn’t feel like a process but drives his clients to success and brings out the true personalities of his teams making the presentation engaging, enjoyable, natural, and memorable.

He provides his clients with unparalleled creative thinking and a unique environment for telling their story. He brings his vast network of partners, colleagues and subject matter experts to develop customized teams uniquely qualified for each project and client.

He is the only orals coach who leverages the skills of leading psychologists and psychiatrists. These insights help his clients reduce stress and increase creativity.

His campaign approach is well known. He has assisted his clients in achieving their goals in support of numerous initiatives, programs and captures. His commercial experience includes working with top ad agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. David has led numerous high-profile technical demonstrations, program, and design reviews for his clients supporting, every major agency -- Federal, Dod and Intel. He has a proven and documented ability to bring teams together, leading them with a contagious tier one mentality.

Beyond his work with The Schiff Group, Schiffy has won 4 Emmys for directing excellence including a documentary about Twyla Tharp (American Choreographer), working with famed Composer John Williams on the original opening and closing for NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw as well as television for Bud Sports and ABC News. He also was producer for the international award-winning film "I Did Her Wrong."


Years Of Past Performance And Success Has Led To His Development Of The Schiff Group

  • Global Vice President Business Development and Marketing for IHS/Jane’s Strategic Advisory Services
  • Director of Marketing Aquilent
  • Senior Manager Northrop Grumman strategic marketing communications and capture communications
  • Senior Manager, Boeing (previously Rockwell Space & Communication Group) space and communications marcom
  • Orals Proposal Practice Lead, Steve Meyers & Associates
  • Senior Associate Booz Allen Hamilton marketing, branding and strategic communication practice Lead in support of the Department of Defense Agencies
  • Director, Gannett/Army Times Publishing Company’s Online Division Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Times, Space News, Defense News & Federal Times
  • Founder/CEO/Director, Lights Camera Action, Ltd, marketing communications and film/television production

Personal Note from Schiffy

I sincerely believe there is a better way to do what we do (capture, business development, proposals, orals, capabilities demonstrations, exhibits and displays). My Dad told me that a person is only as good as their last effort. I strive to bring an energy, a passion and a fun environment to each project. It is these collective attributes that allow us to rise above what are high pressure situations with a smile.

Above all, I believe deeply in the interpersonal side of my work. That is why I spend so much time studying the emotional and psychological dynamics of public speaking, performance and human interaction. Some feel it's simple idle chatter, but getting to know you and your company allows me to better focus your personalities, your DNA and your passions to deliver authentic performances
and differentiate you from the rest.

Companies are complicated social microcosms. It can be tough to work in these capture environments while navigating standard and restrictive corporate cultures. I am there as your advocate; to be there with you; to support you every step of the way; to truly help you…

Change The Conversation.