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FEDSIM Consulting

Although similar to acquisitions prepared by individual agencies, the FEDSIM process requires a different strategy, different deliverables, and a different, but very predictable set of rules to follow.

FEDSIM has become an effective and increasingly used Acquisition Assistance Shared Service for Departments, Agencies, and Offices throughout the federal government. The acquisition approach for FEDSIM contracts is designed to winnow the field to the very best contenders. From oral presentations, video orals, to technical demonstrations and simulations buyers who use the FEDSIM services know what they are looking for in terms of capabilities of companies and proposed personnel. Yet many companies simply don’t have the in-house expertise to effectively compete for this type of business.

We do. Our team knows how to compete and win FEDSIM proposals, We provide specific strategic guidance, beginning in the pre-RFP period, and can work with your team all the way through the submission of deliverables, whether for a written or an oral proposal.

Other companies that do offer FEDSIM consulting services offer compliance.  At The Schiff Group we not only help you navigate the ins and out of the requirements and adhere to them, we imbue your submissions with a sense of who you are why YOU are uniquely qualified for the award.  Above and beyond all the rules and requirements, your story really is at the very heart of what makes a winning FEDSIM proposal.

We provide communications support, deck preparation, graphics, videos, rehearsal coaching and much more. Put simply we go beyond the nuts and bolts of checking off the boxes and ensure the way you tell your story comes alive and jumps off the page and the screen.

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