Full Capture Lifecycle Support

Planning for the Contract You Need to Win Two Years from Now

Our Capture support services span the entire lifecycle — from initial opportunity assessment through submitting winning proposals and post-submission questions and negotiations. Depending on your organization’s needs and goals, we can help your capture team:

  • Identify new opportunities, analyze gaps and develop sound strategies
  • Gain the right intel about agencies and their needs
  • Create new ways to address customers’ needs through solution architecting
  • Keep your pipeline filled with multiple opportunities
  • Align resources and messaging to best position your company with target customers
  • Develop the tools, technologies and messaging to position you in the best manner possible to stand out among your competitors

We offer expert experience and a wide range of processes, tools and best practices to help your Capture team become more effective. Our goal is not to change who you are. Instead, we help you gain a new perspective on what you do, and how you do it — and then take it to the next level. Specific services we provide include:

  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitive Set Analysis
  • Team Selection & Structure
  • Price to Win
  • Strategy Workshops
  • “Story” Development 
  • Capture Coaching & Support

In addition to providing you with guidance at the strategic and technical level, we believe it’s essential to create a culture of learning that’s fun, rewarding and designed to maximize your team’s belief in themselves and your company’s capabilities. To learn more about our Capture services, please contact us.