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Full Capture Support

The clock is always ticking on strategic captures. The question is will you be ready when the digits stop and it's go time?

With The Schiff Group you will.

These days it’s not nearly enough to write a great proposal. Buyers are looking for more. They’re looking for the company that clearly and convincingly stands out among all others. They are looking for a partner they want to work with. And that requires more forward thinking, greater agility, and the kind of insight that will present your culture, experience, and solutions in the best possible light.

It's about digging into your culture and brand to understand what your prospective clients need to know about you and how you can speak their language. Only then can you begin to change the conversation to your favor. That’s where The Schiff Group can get you over the finish line in style.

We use our creativity and experience to discover what is unique about you and how you should present your story to your customer, We work in small teams within your organization to craft your story so your buyers can see the power of your solutions and how you will partner with them after the win.

When the stakes are this high, you can’t afford second best. Let The Schiff Group help you change the conversation and tell your story in a way that ensures you have the very best shot possible. It’s the right thing to do and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


About 80% of any award decision is already made before you write the proposal, so let us help you plan the capture process right from the beginning of your efforts all the way to the RFP … and beyond.

Our Services Span The Entire Capture Lifecycle

We offer services that span the capture lifecycle, from helping you find and assess opportunities to full capture planning and execution, and transition to developing the proposal. We don't just offer you these services, we become part of your core team.

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We're Here To Help You Tell Your Story

We’re not out to make you somebody you’re aren’t. We work with you to learn all about YOU and then take every nuance of your story to a new level of perspective, clarity, and presentation. We help you find your voice and stand out from the competition.

This is not a dull journey – it’s an enriching experience. We believe in creating a “culture of comfortable” that takes the stress out of the process. Yes, it’s very strategic and technical, but our approach is designed to give your customers a rock-solid confidence and enthusiasm in your company, in your approach and, most importantly, in your ability to win.

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Here's A Snapshot Of What We Can Do For You

  • Identify new opportunities, analyze gaps and develop sound strategies
  • Gain the right intelligence about Federal Agencies' cultures and requirements
  • Create a differentiating solution architecture
  • Align resources and messaging to best position your company
  • Recommend the best team structure and composition
  • Develop the tools, technologies and messaging that make you stand out
  • Provide the BEST orals and video orals leadership
  • Develop compelling storylines and presentations
  • Craft Staffing Plans that align personnel to requirements to show a deep understanding of the work
  • Develop Technical Demonstrations that effectively showcase your ideas and solutions