Leadership Training

Leadership Training

One way of demonstrating commitment to employees’ personal growth is to provide a program of leadership, or personal growth, training support ranging from communications or sales assessments given to individuals and teams. 

A well-designed program can increase morale, performance and retention for an individual facing any number of challenges or within a team, division, and even the entire company. 

The Schiff Group Leadership Solutions

TSG is proud of our record in providing proposal development solutions on behalf of our clients.  We are proud to offer the menu of practical professional development and leadership solutions to our clients.

We start by conducting a Discovery needs assessment interview that will identify the issues that you wish to address.  We will analyze this information and craft a program of recommendations and proposal that will include a number of practical events and ideas that will help address the challenges you outlined.

Our Leadership Solutions portfolio is led by Bill Hughes, who retired as a Marine Corps colonel at the end of a 25-year career.  In addition to his Marine Corps time where he had multiple command and director positions, he has served as the president and marketing director for over half of his post-military career.  He has certified as a coach and speaker under The John Maxwell Team and is a certified DISC behavioral assessment consultant.  In addition to his Maxwell certification training, he is also a certified PROSCI change management consultant.

Bill’s style is to find the positive in people and to “coach up” individuals and teams to better success in what they do.  His engaging personality will develop trust within teams and individuals to be open to share thoughts and opinions on issues facing them whether identified in 1-on-1 or group discussions through the playing of the licensed John Maxwell Leadership Game or through guided Mastermind discussions and lead to further coaching and training events for individuals or groups within your company.

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