It’s Time To
Take The Stage

Be Ready When The Spotlight Shines On You


Orals And Video Orals

Nobody expects you to be Al Pacino or Meryl Streep when you present live in front of a buyer team. But make no mistake:  You WILL be judged on your performance.

Oral presentations – live or video – are designed to give  prospective customers the opportunity to meet your team, to hear about your solution, and to understand why you’re the best partner to make their program successful. Knowing how to shape the conversation can really make you and your offering stand out among your competitors.

And that’s where The Schiff Group has earned our stripes over the years. Our team is comprised of more than just expert business consultants able to put together the nuts and bolts of a winning presentation. We have deep expertise in marketing, communications, film, television, and video production. We know what it takes to help you command a stage.

We know that winning in this critical last phase requires smart, messaging and artful presentation of your offer in a manner that is confident, credible, and compelling.

It all needs to be carefully choreographed. The chemistry has to be just right. The charts and other supporting material you use must be thoughtfully created, planned and positioned. The blocking and staging have to be smooth. The transitions and handoffs have to be friendly and seamless. The language must be fluid and conversational. The physical gestures have to be natural and engaging. You have to be prepared to be “good on your feet” and confident when questions are asked. All of this and much more is what makes for an effective presentation.

Change The Way You Think About Orals & Video Orals

An oral or video proposal is not just a proposal … it’s a performance. And great performances win.

But they don’t just “happen.” They have to be carefully crafted and rehearsed.

The Schiff Group is uniquely qualified and experienced to guide your team to a great performance. Our credentials include Emmy-winning film production and direction as well as decades of support to government and commercial proposals.

We get to know you and to understand, evaluate and extract the best qualities inherent in the DNA of your presentation team and create the ideal combination of voice, tone, manner, and personality, and ‘stage presence’ so that you can truly and authentically own it so comes across seamlessly.

You have to perform in a way that is comfortable, natural and projects all the confidence that communicates your company is not only qualified to win the business but would be an appealing partner to work with. Maybe even have some fun helping you get there!

We help you develop everything – from a compelling slide deck, to an effective, natural-sounding narrative. Your team will be prepared with the skills to present a powerful story – with no scripts or note cards. Our processes focus on presentation content, team building skills, Q&A support, and room logistics so your team will make the best possible impression on evaluators.

Video Orals is Our Speciality

Our award-winning video direction and production services create video orals that are both compliant and compelling. In addition to our live orals processes and services, we provide turnkey support for high-impact video orals with full video production support (at your site, or in our studio.) This includes green screen, photography, sound, lighting, teleprompter, closed captioning, animation, duplication, and distribution.

Whatever the job requires we provide, including offering you the best, most effective virtual capabilities in training, communications and presentation techniques.

Services At A Glance

Slide Deck Development

Strategy & Initial Messaging
Solution Architecting
Storyboard Development
Graphic Design Story & Narration
Orals Volume Management


Topic slide time goalsetting
Organic narrative development
Rehearsal Reviews
Techniques to reduce public speaking anxiety
Development of rehearsal questions for Q&A
One-on-One Coaching

Video Production

Teleprompter rehearsals
Full Video Production Services
Post-Production editing and enhancement
DVD Authoring and Duplication


Scenario Preparation
Comprehensive Outbriefs
Capturing Best Practices & Lessons
Learned Presentation Equipment
Day-of-Event Support