Strategy and Business Development

Our Winning Strategies Start Long before the RFP Drops

Our team of former growth and P&L executives have the experience and expertise to identify, develop and refine your strategic planning, business pipeline and BD processes. 

We provide executive insights and implementation plans covering:

  • Evaluation of strategic business plans, capabilities and resources to identify and prosecute must win opportunities
  • Alignment of organizational structure and current initiatives to better align with customer agency needs
  • Development and communication of your differentiators
  • Evaluation of bid and proposal (B&P) team capabilities and processes
  • Identifying and consulting on core competencies, and addressing any weaknesses (including expanding capabilities via M&A, spinning off divisions, etc.)
  • New business pipeline development
  • Optimization service contract pricing

The more assistance we can provide at the strategic level, the greater the impact to your Pwin. To learn more about the transformative impact we can provide in the Strategy & Business Development area, please contact us.