Winning Starts With
Solid Strategies

Know Your Market. Know The Competition.
Outperform Both.


Strategic Positioning And
Business Development

If winning was easy, everybody would be celebrating. But that’s not how it works.

Long before the RFP drops you need to develop a win strategy— the overall approach you plan to take to detail how you will position to compete, the solutions you will offer, and what information and artifacts you need to write a compelling proposal. The entire gamut of modern proposal writing. Our team of former growth and P&L executives has the experience and expertise to identify, develop, and refine your strategic planning, business pipeline, and BD processes.

We believe nobody does it better. Don’t believe it? We’d love to change your mind. The fact is that our track record is proof positive of our ability to help you achieve the very best chance to come out on top even when you’re up against formidable opponents. We give the competitive edge you are going to need in the rapidly evolving and ever-changing world of strategic positioning and business development.

But don’t believe for a second you can do that by hiring a consultant that will hire one-off personnel to work on your business. That’s no way for your consultant to provide you with what you deserve and need. That’s not being a real partner; it’s filling seats with contract workers to round out an org chart. You need a team of on-site, on-staff experts with the kind of deep experience, expertise and undisputable track record of success.  You need The Schiff Group because we only offer you one thing you need most...

the best people you can get -- a true team.

Here's How We Can Help Impact Your Win

  • Evaluation of strategic business plans, capabilities and resources to identify and prosecute must win opportunities
  • Alignment of organizational structure and current initiatives to better align with customer agency needs
  • Development and communication of your differentiators
  • Evaluation of bid and proposal (B&P) team capabilities and processes
  • Identifying and consulting on core competencies, and addressing any weaknesses (including expanding capabilities via M&A, spinning off divisions, etc.)
  • New business pipeline development