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Technical Demonstrations

Concepts. Simulations. Prototypes.

How do you showcase how your products and ideas work and the value they offer your buyers?

You have to show them. Even if what you’re offering is still on the drawing board or near completion, you have to demonstrate how your solutions work. Period. And nobody knocking on your door right now has anywhere near the talent and technology The Schiff Group offers you to do exactly that. And in style. We have a deep bench when it comes to this continually evolving media environment. Our in-house team of industry leading Creative Directors, Content Strategists, UX Gurus and Animators give you a critical advantage when it comes to showcasing your concepts and your offerings. Just check out the Gallery section here to see what we mean.

We've been told we're the best at what we do with our visual capabilities and animation talent. We are experts at finding unique and compelling ways to visually show off specific functionality of a component, or the complex interactions of large systems. We can help you imagine just about anything and create the kinds of compelling technical demonstrations that bring your concepts alive, regardless of your stage of development.

In fact, we have actually helped clients revise or reimagine their work based on our input and guidance. You’ll find we have the vision not only to help you create detailed, realistic simulations and tell the story of your ideas or solutions, but to make them visceral, real and believable.

That’s a difference you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Go Ahead.
Show Off.

When you partner with us, you get the best technology, professional guidance, and service to make sure that when you turn on the projector, you’ll be proud of what you’re about to present. We know what’s on the line and we’re committed to help you win.


Let Us Help Make Your Presentations Pop

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We’re Ready To Help You 
Tell And Sell Your Story

From demonstrating simple software functions to complex motion sequences and everything between, The Schiff Group has an unequalled ability to demonstrate exactly “how your stuff works.”

We know how to take even the most complex and intricate features and put them on display with vivid videography and animation.

Our team members are highly visual thinkers – and just as importantly, quick studies who can immediately grasp what is needed to make your story as vivid, bold, impressive and compelling as possible.

In short, we're ready to help your concepts, ideas and products shine in front of key audiences and decision makers.