What Others Say

We're Proud and Humbled By The Kudos We Have Received From Our Valued Clients

David Hearding

Senior Vice President
Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

“Bottom line: David Schiff is the only orals coach I will use. My win rate with him is 100%! He approaches the preparation in a holistic way and pays attention to every detail while making the entire process fun. Schiffy's fine sense of what matters to selection boards and understanding that it is performing art results in presentations that stand out from all others! He is the best in the business.”

Greg F.

Vice President
Trace Systems

“I have had opportunity to work with Schiffy twice for bids where we needed an orals coach. He knows his business. He has a passion for his work and an ability to quickly and strongly relate to the team. I have  not had opportunity yet to work with his team for proposal and other support, but we are actively looking for opportunities to do so based on the caliber of skills we have seen so far. I give him highest recommendations.”

“I hired the Schiff group to guide us through a large FEDSIM deal. Schiffy and his team were extremely knowledgeable of the FEDSIM process including the due diligence process, proposal development, staffing development, video production, and the Q&A process. They were with us through every step, early mornings, late evenings, emergency re-shoots, through it all, they were the best partners we could have hoped for. Thanks so much for your support, Schiffy.”

Gabe Osiier

Vice President
CSL Perspecta

“Schiffy was hired as the Orals coach by one of the companies for which I worked. His dedication to the process and knowledge was extraordinary. He really understood how to coach the team and help our group present well to the client. I would very highly recommend Schiffy if your company is looking for an Orals coach.”

Dr. Kenneth Estes

Doctor of Information Assurance

“Schiffy was a top-notch orals coach in his role preparing an Accenture team's presentation to a major customer proposal review team. His recommendations were spot on, and he adapted to the varied presentation styles of orals team members. In addition, his positive attitude and sense of humor helped make the long hours of preparation enjoyable.”

Mark Brown

Project Director

“David is a world class communications professional with vision, attention to detail and energy. The result is a great ability to convey even the most complex information in a compelling, memorable format.”

Bob Gourley

CTO & Co-Founder

“David was the video consultant we used when we were bogged down in producing a promotional video that demonstrates the importance of developing enterprise-wide strategic communication processes. he came in with a variety of creative, out-of-the-box ideas that helped us frame the project, use our existing interviews, and complete an impactful product that resonates with viewers. Thanks, David!”

Hal Pittman

Executive Leadership | Innovation & Strategy | Strategic Communication
Public Speaking | Retired Navy Rear Admiral